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Clear Graph Proportion Finder
Other uses for Clear Graph:

Usually when drawing to scale, you start with the window and then draw in the window treatment.  But sometimes it is necessary to "reverse engineer" the drawing and draw the treatment first, then add in the window to fit.  One example of this is when the magazine photo is for a single window and it needs to fit on a double window. 

To accomplish this, trace the window treatment in the photo onto the Clear Graph paper.  If you are trying to make a photo of a single window fit a client's double window, then draw the window treatment twice, side by side.  Since the Clear Graph sheets are transparent, no more guessing if you are tracing the treatment correctly. 

Now calculate your client's window size.  Count the number of squares across the top of your drawing of the window treatment (on the Clear Graph sheet).   Divide the width that you want the finished window treatment to be (in inches) by the number of squares.  This is your scale.  Write down this number.  

Now measure from the bottom of the window to the point above the window where you will mount the treatment (in inches) and divide it by your scale number.   Begin your new drawing by marking the top of the rod and counting down the number of squares you just calculated.  Mark this spot.  It is the bottom of your window in your drawing.   Using the straight lines on the paper as a guide, use a ruler to draw the bottom of your window on your sketch.  Draw in the sides, drawing lines from the bottom of the window to the bottom of the window treatment.  Remember to allow for any extra room at the sides of the window.  (This can be calculated the same way--take the number of inches extra on one side and divide it by your scale.  This is the number of squares at each side that is "extra" and your drawing should reflect that.)

See the instruction sheet and the calculation sheet included with the product for additional uses and tips.