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A delightful collection of books specific to workrooms and designers, including a must-have book on swags.   Decorating and Sewing Books Information


Black & Decker Bullet Laser Level

This small profile laser level is perfect for shooting laser lines across fabric for cutting lines.  Keep swag patterns on the true bias by shooting the laser line across the fabric bias and lining up swag pattern with the line.  Use it for easy marking of board mounting lines on very wide valances, such as box pleats.  Simply measure up on each side of the valance and shoot the laser line across the top.  It's the workroom's best kept tool secret. 

$ 19.95 each


M-Tape Adhesive Tapes

These industrial strength adhesives can speed
up projects.  Various sizes available. 
M-Tape Information.


ShapeSure Soft Cornice Stiffener (skirtex)

18", 26", and 30" wide upholstery stiffener used to make smooth, lightweight, pucker-free soft cornices.  Now offered in 5 yard, 10 yard, 15 yard, and 20 yard rolls--as well as sold by the 100 yard bolt.  Basic instructions included online...          
ShapeSure or Skirtex Information.


Clear Graph Pattern Drafting and
Proportion Helper

Need to design a pattern from a photo your client provided?  Or need help trying to get the proportions right on a sketch?  Clear Graph is a new aid to help with pattern drafting and with drawing window treatments to the proper scale.  The Clear Graph sheets will allow you to easily calculate proportions on window treatments found in magazine photos.  Included in the package are 4 different sizes of Clear Graph sheets, a calculation sheet (can be photocopied), a marker, and full instructions on use of the product.  Never guess proportions in a photo again! For additional tips on using Clear Graph, Clear Graph Tips

Regular Price:  $25.00
  sale priced:   $20.00 each


Channel Tech Wall-Mounted Fabric Rack

Hang bolts of lining over the worktable, where they belong, using this wall-mounted system.   Save valuable floor space.   Click here for more information and pricing.   Wall-Mounted Fabric Rack Information


Center Point Tape Measure

Quickly find the center point of any object.  Just measure the distance the same way as a traditional tape measure, then locate the measurement on the lower edge of the tape to find your center point.  Great for installing window treatments, as you can quickly find the center point of a window without error.  Also great for marking boards when fabricating the window treatments.  Never have an 'oops' when finding your center point again.   Tape measure is 25 feet x 1 inch, and comes in a sturdy professional grade casing.

$ 12.95 each


6" Bar Clamp

Multiple clutch plates provide instant adjustment for distance, secure hold, and instant release.  Simply depress plates and slide handle against workpiece. Heavy duty construction includes  heat-treated steel bar with cast iron jaws, plated steel screws, and hardwood handles.  Opens  up to a whopping 6", making this the perfect clamp for use with worktable, workstand, or  anywhere. 
Throat depth: 2-3/4'' 
Jaw maximum opening: 6"

$6.00 each


Magnetic Pin and Staple Bowl

This metal bowl has a strong magnet to hold sewing pins or staples inside the bowl.   When recovering cornice boards, toss spent staples toward the bowl and watch the magnet grab the staples.   Steel sewing pins also stay securely.  Great for picking up dropped pins in the sewing or workroom--just sweep the magnetic bowl over the spilled pins.  Keep extra pins ready at hand in the bowl.  Great for sewing and upholstery  workrooms.

4" round bowl.......................,......$ 4.50 each

6" round bow.........................,.....$ 6.00 each


Recloseable Pattern Bags / Trim Bags

Now store your own workroom patterns in the same bags that professional patterns come in.  Bags are 10" wide by 12" long (inside measurements), and these heavy-duty bags are 4 mil thick.  Unlike grocery storage bags, our bags are perfectly sized to neatly fit full sized 8.5" X 11" sheets of paper, making it easier to keep patterns and instructions together.   Bags are packaged in bundles of 50 and are clear, for easy viewing of contents.  Also great for storing tassels and other trims.

50 bags......................................,.$ 18.95


Black & Decker PowerScissors

Cordless & Rechargeable

Weighing less than 2 pounds, these scissors are great for cutting sheers, fabrics, and paper.  They have up to 70 minutes of continuous run time on one charge.  Durable plastic body, soft comfort grip, and ergonomic in-line blade design makes this product easy on the hands and wrists.  True scissor cutting action.  You can't help but love the effortless one-button cutting of these scissors.  Buy two, so that one can be charging while you use the other one.  Includes scissors, universal cutting blade, and charger.  1.6 pounds.  Approximately 10" long.  3.6-volt. 
List price $34.92.

$  19.98

Replacement cutting blade unit
(fits PowerScissors above)       $  12.50

Trim and Pattern Spinner Racks

This rack has 3 arms and 24 hooks.  Perfect for fabric stores that need to display patterns, the rack will hold up to 18 different patterns.  Also great as a point of purchase spinning rack for displaying smaller items for sale.  In the workroom, use this rack for hanging tassels, tape measures, scissors, decorative trims, and anything else that might get tangled or lost. The flat arms help prevent tassels and trims from getting tangle, unlike round spinner racks.  Each arm spins, allowing easy access to both sides.  Never have your tassels get misplaced or messed up while waiting to finish a job.  Rack is 60 inches tall.  Arms are 24" wide.  24 hooks provided with rack.  Additional hooks are available for purchase.  

($ 15.95 S&H for first rack
$ 10.95 S&H for second rack
$   5.95 S&H for each additional rack)

$ 45.95 each


Trim and Pattern Rack Hooks

These hooks fit the trim and pattern rack above.  Ten hooks per package.  (Note:  Regular pegboard hooks do not fit the trim and pattern rack.)

$ 2.00
per package


Black & Decker AutoTape 25'
Powered Tape Measure

AutoTape is battery powered, and the tape can extend out to 25 feet.   Or it can also be used as a manual tape measure.  This tool is a must-have for measuring jobs where a second person isn't available to hold the tape end.   Just press a button and the tape extends out.  Press the reverse button and the tape rewinds.  Tape extends out to approximately 7 feet before bending.  Uses 4 AAA batteries. 

$ 20.95 each


EasyMover (Heavy-Weight)

The EasyMover hand truck is 23 1/2 wide x 35"long x 32" tall (with handle up).   It has a 600 pound capacity.  A wrap around rubber bumper prevents damage to walls and doors.  Rubberized deck prevents boxes from sliding off.  Handle folds down for easy storage in closets, under beds, behind desks, or other small spaces.  Fold down the handle and easily take EasyMover to your next job site.  The under 24" width deck means that EasyMover fits through most doors.  Unlike a regular hand truck, the deck is nice and large.  Two rotating front wheels combined with stationary back wheels makes EasyMover easy to roll and steer, even when loaded. 

Unload your car. Easily move boxes and files in office or warehouse.  Portability and ease of use makes this a continual best seller.     ($25.95 S&H)

$ 129.95 each


EasyMover (Medium-Weight)

The EasyMover hand truck is 19" wide x 29"long x 32" tall (with handle up).   It has a 300 pound capacity.  A wrap around rubber bumper prevents damage to walls and doors.  Rubberized deck prevents boxes from sliding off.  Handle folds down for easy storage in closets, under beds, behind desks, or other small spaces.  The smaller size is perfect for moving files and boxes around the office.  ($25.95 S&H)

$ 79.95 each

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